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The History of McDonalds

mcdonalds logo
mcdonalds logo

So if you have never seen golden arches before.

You might be living under a rock. But the golden arches got their start in a little known town(at the time) called Monrovia, located in  California’s Golden State. Read more here……..History of McDonald’s

The History of Apple Corporation

Everyone takes smartphones and a lot of mobile gadgets for granted. A lot of the daily conveniences that we enjoy are because of people who day and night painstakingly took the time to build products and services to make the world a easier, simplier, more productive place. No company espouses this philosophy more than Apple. At one point in his career, Steve Jobs, was kicked out of his own company. Imagine that, you build a house from scratch and after its built the other people that assisted with the building of the house say, yes, well thanks for everything and building this house that didn’t exist but you have to go. Talk about a resilient personality. So here’s the history of Apple Corporation according to Wikipedia. Enjoy.