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The History of Thomson Reuters Corporation

Thomson and Reuters was at one time, two separate companies that one day merged. Thomson was started in 1934 as a publisher of a newspaper. Reuters was started in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter.

The History of Samsung Corporation

Samsung was started by Lee Byung-chull, when the Korean war broke out he had to move the company to another location, and being the business man that he was he started another company instead of mopping around about the loss from the other company. Well here’s the history of Samsung, I only knew they made phones, but they build ships, and are involved in other industries as well.  Click the link: History of Samsung Corporation

The History of Coca-Cola

So Coca Cola is a multi billion dollar, worldwide enterprise. So how did this multi national chain get started? One man had an idea. And he refined his idea, and tweaked his idea until it brought him the results that he wanted. So enjoy the reading on the history of Coca-Cola. Click this link to read the article. He hand out over 8 million free coupons to drink Coca-Cola in the beginning. Enjoy.