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Creative Director Talk by Jamaal R. James

Today if you woke up be grateful. Stop focusing on what isn’t working in your life and focus on the areas that are working. Be grateful for ideas you have and the projects you’ve completed. Just continue to be grateful for it all.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Quality

Today the one point that was on my mind was quality. Many times when getting started on projects we pay so much attention to detail that we never take action. Quality is important and will come but it is first important to do and as you make progress the quality will improve. But many times too many of us (myself included) don’t do because of the fear of the quality of work. But just remember do and the quality will come. Make it a great day.

This is the Creative Director, Jamaal R. James, signing off, until next time. Keep creating.

Creative Director Talk: Color Theory

So lately I have been reading and learning more about colors and the importance of color and color theory.

So according  to color wheel pro.com

Red is associated with passion, war, and love.

Orange is associated with happiness, and creativity.

Yellow is associated with energy, thankfulness.

Green has a healing power, and means growth and fertility.

Blue is associated with loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence.

Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, and extravagance.

White is associated with innocence.

Black is associated with power and mystery.

So enjoy this little simple version of the color wheel/theory and to read more in depth about color check out this website.


New Animations and Sensations

So this guy named DJ Electramorhipism came up with some Cartoon Ideas and some music snippets. But that’s about it. Hopefully you enjoy. Hopefully the Donut Cartoon motivates you to stay Healthy, Happy, and Heroey. Yes. Heroey. Enough Talking. Winjoy.







Do You Wanna Ride? Ride the Vanilla Ice cream Train? WTF? The song doesnt go like that. DumbAss. I know.

So in this installation of music and words a guy named DJ Electramorhipism madea few mixes and mashups and put them together for your enjoyment and pleasurement. Yes on the astral plane Ive seen some of you doing things to this music. wTF? No I meant um i was hoping and wondering. And then a cow jumped into the sky and flew into a rocket went into another galaxy warped into another dimensiona nd became a twinkee. What? I dont know either. So why do I continue with no viewership and no fan base…dont know its a part of my grand thoughts of myself. I guess. but then there is some release audio creative release while doing thi better than having fatherless children every where to create all these audio mashups and toons and what not. Enough of my inner Psychi enjoy your day or night. Where ever it may take you.

What if Elephants could swing thru the trees like Monkeys?

Made a cartoon about an Elephant flying thru the sky like a monkey. Thought that would be cool. Then made a remix mashup play around with sound of Common and Hitek’s Sun God and Common and Lily Allen Drivin Me Wild. Enjoy. More mixes and toons coming again again and again do you suffer from obessive complusive disorder maybe..slightly…LOL. Noooooo. Enjoy your day or night. Open your mind dont judge and starting out in the game critizing are not stpes in the right direction. Later.