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Creativity Killer created by Electramorhipism

Dont let the doubt and negativity that pops up from yourself or others from time to time convince you that your dreams arent real. Until next time, The Real Electramorhipism Out.

Motivational Speaker Les Brown

Sometimes on our destination it can get scary. Things can get bumpy and seem out of place. There’s nothing like listening to motivational speakers who keep you focused on your objective. Thanks all folks. Les Brown is very inspiring and motivating speaker. Thanks for watching. Goodnight.

Gold Panning by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

What in the hell does Gold Panning have to do with creating a Creative Arts company? I dont know. You tell me. Lol. Well not really. See learning to do gold panning is just like figuring out how to create a creative arts company. The process is hard and your looking for a needle in a haystack. But when you find some gold dust or “Color” as they call it, its all worth it. Plus in nature and off the grid is when in sights not noticed before show up. Plus your in the middle of no where which is scary but also very intense. You learn to let go of everything you know and learn to just venture. I think we think our learn that we have to have a goal or achieve, achieve, achieve, but that comes at a cost of just observing and being in the moment. When out in nature you remind yourself, no deadlines, just be.

Internet Meme “Wizardly Words of Wisdom” by Electramorhipism

So alot of time, I read quotes, online about motivation and other subjects that come across my mind at the time. So I decided to come up with a meme that plays around with words and wisdom and is seemingly simple but at the same time seemingly complex. I realize that some things can’t just be said because people assume things. But if you can decipher the truth then you can get the memes or words that I’m trying to say or convey. When I’m driving or walking sometimes these sayings pop into my head so this is my way of I guess, allowing you a little into the way my mind is set up.


This new quoted deals with present circumstances that are beyond my control. But I believe in the end, things always work for the best because  they just do. I also believe in astrology and happen to be a libra so this month for me is an especially trying time. Either way. Life goes on. Until next time. Enjoy life. Electramorhipism Out.

Internet Meme as King I Decree by Electramorhipism



This is a internet meme that I came up with in regards to power and kings and all that stuff. The meme makes a funny play on power and those that use it and those that conform to it. Power is a funny thing in the hands of the wrong person it is a bad, bad thing. But other times power is a good, good thing. You see why the world is the way it is when you see power and deal with it on a regular basis. That’s what makes you wise. So this is my way of saying, “Yayyyyyyy”, power used correctly.  So if you lived in a kingdom where the king if your name was A-Z gave you free dinner lobster (the idea I got from eating at my fathers birthday celebration). So if you ever see this meme it deals with power and the use of it, arbitrarily or not. So have fun and look for the as king I decree memes. Instagram #askingidecree. Ok, Electramorhipism out.

Skillshare is a great way to learn the advertising business from the outside in.

So here I am posting twice in one day. Wow. I know. Well sometimes circumstances happen to us in life threw no fault of our own that things happen to us. Some we can control and some our beyond our control. But then you ask yourself if you could and are capable of becoming someone then why aren’t you.  So what does this have to do with Skillshare and the advertising business.  Well as you can see since this isn’t an advertising site, I currently dj, and do kid’s parties and thigns along those lines. But I also feel in my hear that I can make a great contribution in the world of advertising and marketing since the profession (from my perspective) combines creativity with desire, willpower and determination. A skill set that I said to myself I possess. But then the hard questions come up like but you don’t work in advertising you work in teaching. Yes true. But I always say where there’s a will there’s a way because we all heard of stories of single moms with 3 kids who go back to school while maintaining a full time job and a family.  So I said to myself well the only thing stopping me then is knowledge. Oh do I get the knowledge that I need to get to where I want to go. After googling advertising classes and courses online endlessly I stumbled upon, tada…….. www.skillshare.com  One of the classes that was extremely helpful for me was a class by Seth Godin. Here is a link to his blog.  http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ He really brakes down what it means to be a marketer and advertiser.  Most people my self including just think, oh yes, I wanna do advertising because I’m creative. But if you take a few of his courses you”ll understand with the advent of digital being creative is good, but who are trying to reach with this creativity.  Where do they stand, what do they do, he literally takes years of knowledge and research and breaks it down for you to understand.  I know look at my own plans for my business ideas in a new light and new direction.  I have also taken other classes on there as well. But basically because of the openness of the internet you can learn anything you want. But when it comes to reaching people you better know you want to reach, how, and why they would wanna interact with you. Don’t take my word for it.  Go to the website and Check it Out.