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People Who Have Contributed to Society………..

So some people loathe the name, others hate the name….but in my opinion that’s their problem…you can’t take away from the man’s contribution..and that’s none other than………Michael Joseph Jackson. Michael grew up in Gary, Indiana and was the 8th of 10 children. His father as we all now…….Joseph Walter Jackson…..was the script one of the family always beating the children into submission….which later caused..Michael to have serious issues..which is another story in and of itself……but the focus here is on Michael’s contribution…….he is the only artist with the best selling album of all time…(next to the Eagle’s Greatest Hits Album…….he did a lot for race relations as well..and thru music showed people the non-validity of some of their strongly held views…he also provide 1,000’s of jobs for all the writers, artists, engineers, and others that were involved in the performance and productions of his albums, events, music, and shows…..even as a kid I remember dancing to Billy Jean….for an elementary school performance…….not only did he make hit after hit, after hit, he donated more money to charity than any other artist…….even in death Michael you’re still great and thanks again for your contributions to society……..I posted a video performance of Michael’s 1993 Superbowl performance….it was amazing…..to this day, I still haven’t seen a performance this great at the superbowl, he was on another level……he mixed performance art with music and social content that was applicable at the time………I believe that’s another reason he had such powerful cross cultural appeal…you can feel his passion….don’t take my word for it….check the clip out…..below and read about the history of Michael Jackson here.


Corona Santiago High School Graduation Surprise Flash Mob by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So we were booked by this lovely couple who wished to throw a flash mob graduation party for their son Dominic. So I frantically called around to get the right dancers and choreographers together. Some people that said they would be there flaked as usual, then others that were supposed to be at the performance decided they weren’t going to show up. But the show must go on. So the show when on and all fun was had by all who attended. One of the best choreographers that I have worked with Marcia. Marcia hands down stole the show with the kids dance moves that she choreographed and had them practice night and day so that the performance would be excellent. Hats off to Marcia and her friends and family who showed up and gave love and to everyone at the party as well. Thanks again.

Here’s some photos of the dance group. Marcia is in the back directly behind me in the middle of the pic.

DJ Chuckie One of the Most Engaging DJ’s I know

The reason I picked dj as an engaging dj is because he always makes you feel like its him and you on stage. I noticed that he does a lot of preparation time to construct his sets. If you listen to the intro, he calls out the city several times. So if you are a native new Yorker or you traveled to new York you feel apart of the moment. Then he takes you on these highs and lows with his build ups and drop offs again and again, almost as orgasmic as sex if you’re at venue and letting the music, energy, and feelings of the moment travel thru your body. Have you ever wondered why you see people doing the weirdest dances at EDC events. Yes because all those emotions that have been pent-up are finally released, spiritual blocks are removed as well, that’s why you see a lot of people going around hugging one another and what not. But back to dj chuckie. I really like the way he starts his sets off as well. They usually go something like this…you are listening to the sounds of DJ Chuckieeeeeeeeeee. So if you look at the program and don’t know anything about electronic music you say, oh yea, I remembered this guy called DJ Chuckie, and the way he made me feel and how much fun I had. Who ever is in charge of the marketing plan is a genius and if its you yourself I definitely take my hat off to you sir. Keep em coming sir. Until next time.

Pre Performance Art Show mixes and Toons

Getting Ready for an Performance Art Show on Saturday the 16th of 2013….Should be cool..1st time doing a performance Art Show well see how it goes….That’s about all I have to say for now..Enjoy some bootlegs and more toons coming soon.