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Social Musings 101: Celebration of a Great Life, Daniel Herrell

So today I take this time to give a shoutout to my best friend who passed away and take the time to remind all of us to enjoy the friends and people that we have in our lives and don’t take anything for granted. Time goes so fast and no one knows when its time to go or your number is up. Thanks for all the positive memories, Love yah Man.

Social Musings 101: Death

Well I talked about this subject in 2014. Yes. This subject we all dread to discuss becauseĀ  we hate to dwell here. But one thing I’ve noticed is when someone close to you passes you realize how short and unpredictable like is and can be. All the ideas and projects that you had planned or planned to do but never did go right out the window. Then you look at all the possibilities that were never realized. It’s sad, but it’s also even more motivating when you realize how far you have or haven’t come and the ideas still clammering in your head. So basically do the things you’re afraid to do and go now. You might not get another chance.

Death: The unavoidable outcome

American casket CSH-04
American casket CSH-04

So although I’m generally a very positive person I decided to drop this post to remind myself and anyone who’s willing to listen. So recently some people who I know and had great conversations with have gone from this world. I still have the shared memory of common experiences, but the spirit of that person has left this realm. I send best wishes and condolences to him and his family. I’m not going to post a picture because I don’t want to parade him on this blog as he will truly be remembered by many as a great man. But his death reminded me as it does all of us. Are you doing the things that you want to do. Are you building creating what you want to create? Are you being the person in life that you want to be? OR are you just coasting from crises to crises hoping that one day you can stop and smell the roses. Well I got news for you. Even when you think you reached a position where you can relax, “Bam” a new crises will show up. So crises or no crises, start, if you already started keep going, if you kept going but your waning focus, remember why you started and re-imagine the final outcome. Listening to Les Brown yesterday morning he so eloquently put it, all the dreams, and ideas, poetry, sounds, revelations, words, and hopes, that you have are yours to bring to fruition in the world. No one else has been given those set of ideas, it’s your job, to execute, execute, execute. In the end, win, lose, or fail. You’ll know you have lived the life you wanted to live. One thing that I picked up from another motivational speech is to repeat, I am the kind of person who………..dreams big, saves money, helps kids, protects my family, helps the handicap, writes novels, makes films, creates shows that amaze, plants flowers or trees. The possibilities are endless, with LOVE in my heart Electramorhipism out.