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High Energy Remixes by DJ Electramorhipism

Made a Remix to E40’s Tell Me When To Go and Him and Keak Da Sneak Muscle Cars. Then heard Juvenile’s Picture Perfect..remixed..it…with Big Tymers Big Ballin..AWEEEEEEe..memories…..Then a New Hot Artist C alled Natomas Slimm She Getting It..in my mind there was a rock guitar instrumental that went with the track but couldn’t find it in the lab…Gyeah Cabs is on its way..Well Winjoy! Heard the Will.iam. and Brittany Remix and asked DJ Chuckie when the Remix was coming..No response so far…but I know he’s working on it.

Do You Wanna Ride? Ride the Vanilla Ice cream Train? WTF? The song doesnt go like that. DumbAss. I know.

So in this installation of music and words a guy named DJ Electramorhipism madea few mixes and mashups and put them together for your enjoyment and pleasurement. Yes on the astral plane Ive seen some of you doing things to this music. wTF? No I meant um i was hoping and wondering. And then a cow jumped into the sky and flew into a rocket went into another galaxy warped into another dimensiona nd became a twinkee. What? I dont know either. So why do I continue with no viewership and no fan base…dont know its a part of my grand thoughts of myself. I guess. but then there is some release audio creative release while doing thi better than having fatherless children every where to create all these audio mashups and toons and what not. Enough of my inner Psychi enjoy your day or night. Where ever it may take you.

Dark Knight Theme Remix by DJ Electramorhipism

Sitting around watching the Olympics then started to watch clips of Dark Knight online and got inspired to make a somewhat Epic but motivating song..then send it to a few Olympic Athletes via twitter and maybe it will or wont motivate them to go that much more harder. If you guys use the music you dont ever have to let me know..I think its cool that you guys just made it there. To all the victims and deceased (may they rest in peace) and may the music inspire or bring feelings of joy to do or create something good or positive. Bain was a pretty bad ass dude in the movie. Great Job and well done to cast, directors, producers, crew, writers, agents, agencies, and all that made this movie happen. Done. enjoy. The second video is a voice reenactment that I thought was cool found on youtube.