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People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

In this posting we bring up the rapper and entrepreneur, Andre Romelle Young…..better known as…Dr. Dre……now in regards to contribution…in my opinion Dr. Dre has done a lot…..not only for music but for the careers of other artists as well. Dr. Dre has made a lot of music that people have danced to and created children from…and just in general had a good time too….the lyrics might say this or that…..but the beat and rhythm many times is uplifting and refreshing……Dr. Dre also helped pioneer the west coast sound of hip-hop. Dr. Dre has one 6 grammy awards as well as producer of the year…….when he had to leave death row records and start all over he didn’t complain..he just did..what he had to do…..and created a new company from scratch that was more successful than his previous company….Dr. dre has done a lot in regards to creating jobs for the people that marketed his albums, created posters and art work for this albums, and theĀ  ten’s and 1,000’s of people that worked at concerts providing security and concessions to the eager concert goers…….that’s all..read more about the history of Dr. Dre…click the link.

The Happy Hike “Short Film” created by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company


Hello all. Thanks for checking out this short film in advance. Its called “The Happy Hike” about some friends that go hiking and then run into a weird stranger on their path. Enjoy!

Setting Personal Standards by RSD Motivation

So listening to motivational videos like I always do, then I came across this video and it made me really think. The video talks about personal standards and the importance of achieving goals that need to be created. The speaker says that once you set a standard if you don’t take action once that standard is crossed you end up any where because your standard is set lower and lower and lower and lower till you have no standard and are happy to just brreeeeattthhhh. Check it. Until next time, Electramorhipism out.

Corona Santiago High School Graduation Surprise Flash Mob by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So we were booked by this lovely couple who wished to throw a flash mob graduation party for their son Dominic. So I frantically called around to get the right dancers and choreographers together. Some people that said they would be there flaked as usual, then others that were supposed to be at the performance decided they weren’t going to show up. But the show must go on. So the show when on and all fun was had by all who attended. One of the best choreographers that I have worked with Marcia. Marcia hands down stole the show with the kids dance moves that she choreographed and had them practice night and day so that the performance would be excellent. Hats off to Marcia and her friends and family who showed up and gave love and to everyone at the party as well. Thanks again.

Here’s some photos of the dance group. Marcia is in the back directly behind me in the middle of the pic.

Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the Valley of Hope “Short Film”

Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Finished my 2nd short film, called, “Silly Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of Hope. Hope you guys like it. it was a lot of fun to make. More to come but for now enjoying the moment. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sillysharkeisha

Moral Courage to stand up when needed.

Moral Courage. That’s a question/thought that runs through my mind from time to time. Will or do you have what it takes to say something when everyone is saying your crazy and you need to sit you ass down and shut up. Even if it falls on deaf ears. Many of us would like to think that we’re pillars of moral courage and can stand up when things get rough regarding issues. But let me just say standing up for what you believe in is brave, and standing up for yourself is even braver. I know I know, you say, but so in so stood up and look at them. But wow, I’m all over the place. Okay, so as I was saying when you stand up for yourself or what you perceive as injustice stand by. It’s not all sunny and green. People that used to talk to you wont speak. Your phone is idle. They mean well but they don’t wanna be connected to or have anything to do with someone who doesn’t go with the status quo. This is even greater in small groups. But after the dust settles and the clouds clear you’ll be a much happier person. All those pent-up emotions that you failed to express if not channeled turn into cancer or other debilitating diseases. When how you eat is tied to you standing up that’s when most people waver more, but what I’ve learned is that no matter what things always seem to work out for people who stand up. I don’t know what it is but something in the universe just works things out. So when you need to stand up for yourself go right ahead and don’t be afraid, but there is gonna be a social cost, but the cost of good health is immeasurable. Until next time, Electramorhipism out. Now the question you have to ask yourself now that you’re reading this article is will YOU have the moral courage to stand up when needed.

Cartoon Video: Super Grandpa Fishin Trip by VJ Electramorhipism

Another Cartoon/Animation video created by VJ Electramorhipism. The cartoon is about a little girl that enjoys spending time with her Grandpa and one day wishing she can be as lucky as he has been. If you have grandkids cherish them. If you have grandparents cherish them. Thanks for watching, may this animation remind you to enjoy your loved ones