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Social Musings 101: End of the year thoughts

As the end of the year comes to an end we often think about and take the time to contemplate our life and the decisions we’ve made and didn’t make…and what do you know….some of us our elated at the good we’ve done. Some of us our angry at the bad we’ve done. Some of us are depressed about none of the good we’ve done and some of us are just looking forward to another year to enjoy. So no matter where you stand in this spectrum just be grateful and thankful that you lived to see another glorious day. Make the most of it.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Reflection

So as the year comes nearer and nearer to an end…thank about the year…go over your successes and failures…then ask yourself what goals have you not achieved that if you don’t do them next year you’ll be mad that you didn’t try to accomplish them…..that’s it…make it a great day and rest of the year, and life….

~Jamaal R. James