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Social Musings 101: Success disguised as failure

On this journey that we call life and in our attempt to disarm or lesson the below of failure many and often times we call what is failure success. Say for instance a person has a goal to run one mile everyday…but everyday when the time comes around to run or every other day the person says my feet hurt or its too cold outside, or I need to rest just a little more than this person has just failed themselves. Then when you go to do the next goal say to not say the word french fries for the next 2 days even though you love french fries….well you already started a pattern of failure so your brain and sub-conscious are like okay this person isnt even serious let’s say french fry right now and then bamm..they say it….so basically make sure your successes in your life or exactly that and call them what they are and vice versa for failures. That’s all folks have a wonderful and outstanding day and Happy new year’s eve to those of you who celebrate it.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Failure

So today, we have to deal with failure. A plan that I had to finish alot of films and do different things, but I made some moves that didn’t win and it caused some things to be put on the backburner. So I am writing this to remind you to not give it when things fall off the wagon. You might have to redirect your original goal or delay for a while but you can and will achieve your goal if you don’t give up. If you don’t have enough to do what you orignally planned find a way to do the most with what you do have. Thanks a million. See yah soon.

~Jamaal R. James

The History of Ford Motor Company

Everyone especially knows Ford Motor Company as a household name. But even he failed before succeeding. His first automobile company failed. Then his second company he had a falling out with his investors and had to leave with his name and only $900 dollars. But that didn’t stop Ford. He just kept going. And things started to turn around for him…..Read the History of Ford Motor Company…Click the link. Ford has been Family run for over 110 years.

The History of Apple Corporation

Everyone takes smartphones and a lot of mobile gadgets for granted. A lot of the daily conveniences that we enjoy are because of people who day and night painstakingly took the time to build products and services to make the world a easier, simplier, more productive place. No company espouses this philosophy more than Apple. At one point in his career, Steve Jobs, was kicked out of his own company. Imagine that, you build a house from scratch and after its built the other people that assisted with the building of the house say, yes, well thanks for everything and building this house that didn’t exist but you have to go. Talk about a resilient personality. So here’s the history of Apple Corporation according to Wikipedia. Enjoy.