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Social Musings 101

In today’s session of people who have contributed to society……we discuss Seneca the Younger…as early dates put him on as the person who looked thru a glass filled with water and noticed that letters no matter how small could be magnified. It’s this magnification principle that eventually led to other creators coming up with and making eyeglasses. So some of you can’t read this type without glasses or contacts. Others that have had Lasik no longer need them. Well you can think the likes of Seneca and all the others after him who added to this concept and built on it. As a result of his discovery and telling others about it many people that would have been robbed from walking in the wrong area, swindled from not being able to read contracts, didn’t have these things happen. But on a lighter more positive note the same people have been able to fully enjoy the joys of life, seeing flowers bloom, seeing the sunset, seeing beauty in all it’s grandeur and physical form…some experiences can only be fully  felt by experiencing them from all five senses. If you have ever been to a concert or a theater or really been into a movie that you like you can experience this. If  you have ever been really happy or in LOVe and had a experience with your significant  other that involves heavy breathing……LOL….you know what I’m talking about….I think it’s those memories  and experiences that make life worth living and looking forward to…..so for all the creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs involved in the magnification of glasses, or eye glasses, or glass ware. Thank You. Click the links  to learn more about Seneca the Younger and glasses.



Social Musings 101

People who have contributed to society……..

In this post of people who have given or contributed to society we are going to talk about socks.  So socks have been around for a really long time. The oldest pair of found socks was located at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt, they date back to 300-500 A.D. So since sockss were created so long ago not one person is really attributed to building the beauties. But can you imagine Life without socks. No socks. Man sweaty feet……smelly feet….or always having to change the cloth around your shoes. Especially in winter time…socks come in handy so much. If you have ever worked a job where you have to stand for long periods of time then you understand. As you can wear multiple pairs of socks that act as a cushion to your heel and foot. So thank you to all the people over the centuries who have contributed to the sock and perfected the sock and made it what it is……….Thanks again…..to read more about the history of the sock. Click the link.

The history of Subway

Subway was started by Fred DeLuca in 1965……with a $1,000 loan. (That $1,000.00 would currently be $7,425.90 dollars…according to this calculator….(http://futureboy.homeip.net/fsp/dollar.fsp?quantity=1000&currency=dollars&fromYear=1965).

Fred came up with a holding name for the company called Doctor’s Associates as he wanted the company to make enough money so that he could pay for his medical school tuition…. On a side note Eric Thomas(motivational speaker)  always says what’s your why? I think his why was strong enough…..paying for medical school so he wasn’t perpetually in debt? I think so……Read more about the history of Subway…..click the link.

The History of Lexus

In 1983 Toyota Chairman, Eiji Toyoda, decided to make and market a car that was the best in the world. Toyoda had his engineers go to work to conceptualize and create this vehicle. Eiji called this vehicle the F1 project. During the 80’s (early and mid) Honda and Nissan both introduced Luxury Vehicle lines similar to Toyoda’s idea. Eiji took the market research one step further and sent his team overseas to study the habits of the consumer as well as test the heck out of the cars that would later become apart of the Lexus brand. Eiji also realized that he would need to make Lexus as its own brand with its own stores in order to market the new vehicle…….don’t take my word for it. Read about the History of Lexus. Click the link.

The History of Mastercard

MasterCard was started by a collective of banks some of which predominately or are now known as……United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Crocker National Bank, Union Bank of California, and various others. The banks created the card to compete against Bank of America’s card which later turned into Visa,,,,,,,,, what do you know? Well enjoy, reading the history of MasterCard. Click the link.

The History of Pepsi-Cola

So according to Wikipedia……… Pepsi was started by Caleb Bradham in North Carolina. It was difficult for the company getting started and making moves. Pepsi had more of a vanilla taste added to it. The pepsi recipe has been re-designed several times. The pepsi company has declared bankruptcy before as well…and cola cola was offered the chance to buy all the rights to pepsi three times during a ten year period but did not. If Cola-Cola would have brought pepsi they would have completely corned the market on soft drinks. But they would probably be broken up like AT&T was as well. Well enjoy. Click the link……

The History of Pepsi-Cola

Daily Life Motivation #35

I first listened to this motivation video two days ago. This one is really good. He talks about different things and he mentions how a lot of us praise everyone else. But a lot of us don’t get Happy for ourselves. A lot of us wait for others to pat us on the back. But…don’t wanna give it away. Take a listen.

The History Of Google

So google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were students at Stanford University(Go Trees). They were completed a project that they were speculating about how pages back linked to other pages, a professor advised him to pick this theme for his project, and he did. Now what if the professor told him that all his ideas were dumb and he should re-think his career as a programmer? Well I guess he would have never started google but someone else would have, or maybe mankind would have never enjoyed the effiency and use of google. Well here’s the history of google. Enjoy.