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The History of Siemens

Siemens was started by Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske¬†on Oct 12, 1847. The company’s original name was

Siemens & Halske. They started off in the area of using needles to point to letters. The company diversified itself and kept expanding. Read the History of Siemens, here. Click the link.

The History of Marlboro

Whether you agree with Cigarettes or not, there here to stay. Phillip Morris started Marlboro in 1924….as a Woman’s cigarette…then he wanted to go after the male advertiser market..he hired an advertising company, came up with a marketing campaign, using a cowboy, and his market share went from less than 1 percent to the 4th largest cigarette brand in the world. Pretty interesting…….The company also heavy sponsors racing events………History of Marlboro.