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Social Musings 101: Friends

The definition of friend or friends means one thing to one person and another to another. The best way to tell if you have friends is to look around and see how many people have your back. If you look around and everyone gives you lip service but isn’t there when you need them. Then you my friend have no friends. If on the other hand people you call friends come thru then count yourself blessed as very few people understand what the definition and meaning of friend is.


Social Musings 101: Friends

Many of us have friends. But how many of have ever taken the time to let the friends in our lives truly know what they meant to us? Not very many of us. Not the friends that are in your corner when the sun is shining and there’s no rain clouds. But the friends that are there when its soaking rain and things didn’t go as you planned. Those friends. Those friends are priceless. So if you have anyone in your life who is a friend indeed for you then take the time to let them know while they are alive and here. If you have no friends but you always come through for yourself or motivate yourself then thank yourself for being a Great friend to yourself. On that note have a wonderful day.

The History of Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs was formed in 1869 by Marcus Goldman in New York. The company started out by making commercial paper available for entrepreneurs. Henry Goldman was friends with the owner of Sears and was able to handle the IPO for the company. The company came up with a fund that soon crashed and burned in the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The company has resiliently bounced back from this defeat and is now a multi-national financial services corporation. So read about the history of goldman sachs. Click the link.