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Social Musings 101: Laughter

Today if you started the day off in a bad mood then watch something funny. Or think about a time when you did something funny. Or think about a time in the past where you were embarrassed but now you think back and realize how funny it was. I know this isn’t medicine for everyone. But it helps especially in the morning time. Then if your brain tries to switch back to being mad then just wait and think about the thing that made you laugh again. Enjoy.

Creative Play with sound & Theme Music

Playing around with sounds and then started to play with old tv show theme music and then ummm..thats it. No more. Lol. Making cartoons now so kind of busy. Getting better at having do what I want so we shall see. Ah thats all folks. I almost forgot shoutouts to KrioOfficial heard his music via youtube and remixed it a little. Enjoy, plus who can forget our buddy Mr. David Hasselhoff the ladies heart throb and milf sensation. Plus Rerun and the LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Boat. Ok, so alot of memory lane trips here. Enjoy and have fun making um chocolate chip cookies? WTF? Weirdddddoooooo…yah I know.