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Social Musings 101: Holiday Shopping and New Year’s Gym Membership

Why do people spend so much during the holidays? Why do so many people start gym memberships in January?

Good Morning Everyone. I thought this post finds you looking forward to another day. One point during the holidays we tend to stress over buying gifts. Some stress more than others, but remember it isn’t what you get for the other people as much as how you gave. Please don’t spend so much money that your in debt till May or June of next year. If people don’t understand then that’s their problem and do they really deserve a gift from you any way? If you have it and you want to then by all means go right ahead. This is just some food for thought since the holidays are here. Sometimes I also find it so funny that everyone signs up for the gym in the end of December early January and the gym is so packed that you can’t move an inch. Then in February most people have quit, but my March is empty again….some people do a few spurts in April and May to prepare for the summer, then it’s over again. Then the holidays hit and the cycle begins again. I wonder if someone has done research based on human behavior the national gym chains probably make the most profit during December, January, And February. Oh well who knows. The only way to beat this gym monkey off your back is to do what you said you were going to do. Don’t forget that. Well enjoy your day, evening, night or weekend. Jamaal R. James