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Social Musings 101: Freeways

If any of you reading this blog commute to work, we can thank Hitler and Dwight  Eisenhower for making such things so. After seeing that the Germans had invented the autobahn Eisenhower decided to build freeways in the states and it caught on in other countries as well. So my point is good things can come from bad people and bad things can come from good people as well. I hope your morning and day goes as planned, and if a hiccup in the day happens, learn to roll with it. So as you travel down the highway send a mental thank you to all the engineers involved and planners that make sure you are able to travel to your destination safely. Another fact that I leanred after stumbling upon yahoo answers regarding freeways was that one mile of every 5 miles of freeway is straight so that it can act as an emergency landing strip if need be. Wow. Well now you know. LOL.