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The History of Dell

Dell Computer was started by Michael Dell in 1984. He was a student at the University of Texas-Austin. He got the idea to sell customers computers directly. Dell wanted to sell computers using ibm compatible parts. Dell received an initial 1,000 dollars in investment capital from his family to get started. He did exactly that and got started. One key to Dell’s early success was his successful use of mail order computer catalog marketing. This early capitalization on a little known and newly emerging market help turned Dell into a Multi-Billion dollar company. Read more about the history of Dell. Click the link.

The History of SAP SE Corporation

So according to Wikipedia SAP was completing a contact for a specific area of software design for IBM, when they were told that they were no longer needed. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves, a few software engineers got together and started a whole new company entirely. Pretty Awesome if you ask me. Read more Here. History of SAP