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Social Musings 101

So in this posting of people who have contributed to society we discuss the headlamp. Not just any headlamp but the automotive headlamp. So over the years many people have contributed to the creative success of the automotive headlamp. So when you get in your car at night and are able to see clearly in front of you, give thanks to all the people before you that took the time to perfect the automotive headlamp. I know I’ve had a few close calls at night and thanks to being able to see I avoid collisions with deers, owls, and other things in the roadway. So read more about the people who have contributed to society and the world in regards to the automotive headlamp by clicking here.


Social Musings 101

So, in this online posting of people who have creatively contributed to society in the art form of invention or innovation and the name that comes to mind is Jacob Schick. If you have ever had to use a dry razor on your skin you know this process can take a very long time. Mr. Schick patented the idea on the electric shaver. Not only is the electric razor more efficient, but you can save time as well using an electric shaver. For myself if I use an electric razor I can shave whatever area that needs to be shaved pretty quickly. Mr. Schick had an idea and he executed it and has made a meaningful contribution to society in the artistic realm of invention and innovation. Okay, you can read more about Mr. Schick and his invention by reading here. Click the link. The inventor of the electric shaver.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……

So the next person on the list of people who have contributed greatly to society…is Bi Sheng…..and we say well who is Bi Sheng…..only the first known inventor of moveable type technology…better known as a printing press……so Bi……got the idea to make a printing press and he used clay figures to make his print……of course other people came behind him and improved on his original design….but this man took his concept out of his head and put it into the world…not only did this idea create more jobs for others that would one day work on the printing press…he also helped authors, writers, and any one needed to convey a message through story or pictures………and he did it with no questions and asked and because it was his calling…….well enjoy.

Read more about Bi Sheng…click the link.