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Social Musings 101: Usb Flash Drive

The persons or inventors today concern the creators of the USB Flash Drive. So apparently and according to Wikipedia  Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron Ogdan were the inventors of the USB Flash Drive. But there is controversy from other companies claiming that they came up with the idea before the patent went into place. But today I’m grateful to all the people involved in this process that help us to take pictures and data and information and move it seamlessly from location to location. Before this we all had to carry around loads of papers and materials. But thanks to all involved in this process we can now enjoy many great things that we weren’t able to enjoy before.

Social Musings 101: The Wallet

So today I wanted to thank the inventors or anyone that had a hand in the invention of the wallet. As men and women alike carry wallets with basic information and credit card info and cash to but the basic goods and services. Many also use it to store things in case of an emergency. So enjoy. I have posted a link to an article on Wikipedia dealing with that subject exactly. So apparently in the past the wallet was used to store emergency food and if you were on a trip or unable to find food one would pull out the knapsack and start eating so one wouldn’t pass out, then this evolved into what we now call wallets. So go read up on it and have a wonderful day.


Social Musings 101

Who invented the Windshield Wiper Blade?

In this episode of People who have contributed to society……we discuss none other than Mary Anderson. So legend goes (according to Wikipedia) that she was riding in a trolley car in New York City and saw the conductor had to keep the window open in order for sleet not to keep blocking the windshield. So Mary got the idea to have a rubber blade that was attached to a handle that would remove whatever was on the windshield without a person having to do this manually. Anderson’s device could be used while still seated in the car. Other people came out with idea too but Anderson’s was the most effective. Anderson applied for a patent and received it…….her idea, ……… the powers that be didn’t see the usefulness of the idea at the time. But if you drive around in rain or snow, or hail you can give thanks to Mary Anderson. Yes that little luxury that you enjoy of not having to put your hand out the window to clean the front windshield as you drive. If you don’t believe me, have you ever been in heavy rain and driving and turned the wiper blades off accidently, it doesn’t take longer than 3 seconds for you to realize the importance of windshield wiper blades. Thanks again Mary. You can read about about Mary Anderson by clicking the link here.


Social Musings 101

So, in this online posting of people who have creatively contributed to society in the art form of invention or innovation and the name that comes to mind is Jacob Schick. If you have ever had to use a dry razor on your skin you know this process can take a very long time. Mr. Schick patented the idea on the electric shaver. Not only is the electric razor more efficient, but you can save time as well using an electric shaver. For myself if I use an electric razor I can shave whatever area that needs to be shaved pretty quickly. Mr. Schick had an idea and he executed it and has made a meaningful contribution to society in the artistic realm of invention and innovation. Okay, you can read more about Mr. Schick and his invention by reading here. Click the link. The inventor of the electric shaver.

Social Musings 101

The next creative person to cover that contributed and art by means of construction or idea creation are the men and women behind the idea of the toilet. Some call it the crapper believe it or not…….and no the inventor of the toiler wasn’t Thomas Crapper. Thomas just helped make the commercialization of the product more successful. In modern times Sir John Harington is credited with the invention of the toilet or perfection of the toilet system. He made a design and had it in his house and tried to get his godmother King Elizabeth the 1st to use it but she wouldn’t because it made too much noise. The most ancient civilization with the best water sewer irrigation technology was Indus Valley Civilization. Not only were these guys creative with their ideas and design they were finishers. They started projects and finished them. Did you know that in some cultures the norm is to squat on the toilet seat to use the bathroom? Did you know

that not all households had toilets, they were only for the wealthy…the rest of the people had to use community or communal bathrooms. So thank you to Mr. Harington and those before you and after you who came with the creative ideas that you did and your social contribution to art of human excrement. Click the link to learn more about the flush toilet.

Social Musings 101

In this posting of People who have contributed to society, we talk about none other than Christopher Latham Sholes who invented the first practical typewriter and the qwerty keyboard. Can you imagine the amount of editing that people would have to use in order to create books, letters, or magazines? Wow. If everything were still hand written can you imagine the number of people who would develop Carpal tunnel injuries? So once again we take our hat off to Mr. Sholes and thank him for helping our society facilitate transferring our thoughts from mind to physical print or form. Another plus of the keyboard is it allows you to type freely and see what’s happening in the back of your mind. Happy Turkey Day to those that celebrate it and have a great day, evening, or night to all. Click the link to learn more about Christopher Latham Sholes.


**I stated that Sholes created the typewriter…he didn’t. Henry Mill invented the typewriter but Sholes made the commercially successful version of the typewriter. So thank you Mr. Mill for making an invention that Sholes and others were able to improve upon.

The History of Caterpillar

So one of the founding fathers of what is now the Caterpillar Corporation had a problem. In order to pave roads he had to use heavy heavy heavy machinery. The machinery would sink into the sand while trying to pave roads. So Benjamin Holt tried increased the size of the wheels but this failed. Then he tried placed some would planks around the bottom portion of the tractor attached to wooden chains and then “Bammmmmm”  he came up with a new and efficient means of moving tractor trailers. It is alleged that he got the idea to call the company caterpillar after one of the people at  his discovery said that thing moves like a caterpillar. Well enjoy. Read the History of Caterpillar. Click the link.

Here’s a funny video of where the idea Bammmm came from.