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Creative Director Talk: Ideas

Ideas are good to mill over and think about and ponder but sooner or later either you actualize an idea or you live it alone altogether. You may even come back to it later on but do take action on an idea when you get it or eventually they slow down or stop flowing to you since they see you’re not using the ideas. Make it a great day.


Creative Director Talk by Jamaal R. James

Today as you wake up try playing around with different genres of music and see how they make you feel. Now get out a pen or paper and draw or write the feelings that you feel while listening to different music. You would be amazed at the different moods that simple music can put you in. Try music from foreign countries or words that you don’t know as well. It all helps with your creative potential, keep creating and love you all.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk by Jamaal R. James

Today if you woke up be grateful. Stop focusing on what isn’t working in your life and focus on the areas that are working. Be grateful for ideas you have and the projects you’ve completed. Just continue to be grateful for it all.

~Jamaal R. James

Wednesday Fun Day by Creative Director Jamaal R. james

So as this Wednesday starts don’t forget at some time during the day to have fun trying to do something you’ve never done before. Try to learn a new language, or tie your shoe different or walk in a different pattern. Do anything just try something fun and new today.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk by Creative Director Jamaal R. James

The other day I was thinking to myself in life their are in the box thinkers and out of the box thinkers. Depending on which area you focus depends on the results that you get. So from now on instead of working at the problem or thinking of the problem, just keep thinking of the solution. Have a wonderful day people of the world.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Relaxation

Many times we push, push, pushhhhhhhhhh, toward the goal. That is good. But sometimes you must, must, must, take the time, to relax, and rebuild, relax, and rebuild. So in your drive to succeed, don’t forget to take the time to relllllaaaxxxx. Make it a great day and see yah tomorrow morning.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Digital Magazine Publsihing

So I finally found a website that allows you to upload a magazine and then place it on newsstand, well 2 and for now well talk about them. The first website is called joomag.com the process is simple and very easy. The second site is called, presspad.com, both site make the magazine or pdf into an app for you and place them online. So fellow digital publishers or new digital publishers that’s it. Now you have to go and market the products and ideas and find your target market so happy hunting. Make it a great day. Here’s the cover to the Adult edition of The Book Of Creative Ideas. Enjoy.

Here’s a link to the the magazines as well.

Kid’s Edition:


Teen Edition:


Adult Edition:

The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
Created by Jamaal R. james for James creative arts and entertainment publishing company.

REVIVAL – Motivational Video by Mateusz M.

Posted this video because I know sometime people can become lazy on there quest to achieve whatever it is they want. So here’s a video that’s a good one to play first thing in the morning to get you going. Enjoy. Thank You whoever made this video. Electramorhipism out.


How Schools Kill Creativity


This is a very great video about how in school we are taught to think in a straight line and any deviation from that line is punished. So we tend to stay that way throughout life and then we wonder why kids don’t take creative risks and always play it safe.