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Social Musings 101: Who invented the Airplane ejection seat?

First off, I want to apologize for not posting the last two days as I have been under the weather some what. No excuses. No excuses. Okay, I”ll stop talking. But I was watching behind enemy lines the film the other day and started to read about ejection seats. It was really interesting. Do you know the scientists that test the ejection seats have even used a Bear to test the ability of a ejection seat to work. So I’m leaving a link below that goes into more detail about the ejection seat but what to give thanks for all the people and animals involved in building and perfecting ejection seats that saved the lives of countless pilots who were shot down and possible imprisioned but eventually allowed to give a meaning contribution to society. Enjoy.

~By the way I’m refocusing my energy into the things I love so some posts wont be updated as much as they were before but maybe well see more creative things come out. I guess well see. Good day Folks.

~Jamaal R. James