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Social Musings 101: Learning

Today I am happy and greatful for being given the gift of learning. As we enter the world sometimes our ability to learn new things is bloked by ourselves or others. But thankful and greatful I am for the ability to learn. Don’t take learning for granted as it is what determines your destiny in spite of who you know or dont know.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

The Art of Perspective by Phil Metzger



This is a very good book for beginning artists such as myself that need to learn how to draw perspective and what not. Very good book, lots of good pointers and details. Thanks again, until next time. Electramorhipism out.



Mother’s Day not too soon, not to late.

So Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and is right around the corner. Yes it is here. I thought about it. Why not this year instead of spending globs of cash. Why not do something special. Create a unique gift. Do something you would do if you were a kid and had nno money but wanted to show appreciation. You’d be surprised how much further that gift goes. Until next time, Electramorhipism.

Where does good music come from? by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

The question is where does good music come from? I think good music can come from any where. I think it can come from your hear head mind feet. I think good music tries to find us all the time. I think you have to be open to the music to find it or search it out. This all may seem silly but if you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the right music for the moment you’ll understand what I mean. The part that I have to work on in regards to music is I can hear these awesome melodies in my head. But I have to learn how to master the devices I have to create or recreate the sounds that I hear in my head. I’m working on it and getting there. But in the meantime bare with me. This video above is a little sample of some sounds that I thought sounded pretty good on the way to a birthday party to perform. Until next time.

Hair Coloring is Fun by electramorhipism

James Creative Arts & entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & entertainment Company

So today at school we learned how to “”Tint” hair. We used shaving cream instead of real tint because we were working on mannequins but it was still pretty cool. Most of things just take repetition to learn but you can learn the things needed to be learned fairly easy. The class was having fun with everyone was helpful with one another. I really like the instructor to student ratio its about 10 students to 1 instructor. Looking forward to trying out some interesting hair styles this summer or this year. Well day by day times a going fast. LOL. No its not. But learning a new craft is always a good thing in this very complex and diverse marketplace that we live in today. Until next time Electramorhipism out.

Which Film Director would you want to work with for a day?

alfred hitchcock oliver stone
Alfred Hitchcock oliver stone

So the question is if you could be on the set of one of the legends. Which would you choose? Me personally, I probably would choose to work with Hitchcock. Then sneak the other half of the day to work with Stone. I really like Hitchcock creative way of looking a familiar concepts and things. But I like the storytelling narration of Stone. I really enjoyed his series that was recently on HBO or Showtime regarding the untold history of the United States. The history that wasn’t told by the main media outlets for whatever reasons. The series was very informative and even talked about the politicians that we have in office now and how they got there. So whoever choose everyway both are great men who inspire others to create, film, and connect with their audiences.

Barber School Day Electramorhipism goes to school at San Bernadino Beauty College

San Bernadino Beauty College
San Bernadino Beauty College

So attend the first day of Barber School. Of course your asking what in the HELL does DJing or Creative Arts have to do with Barber School? Well, Well, let me tell you. SO if you don’t already now I’m sure some of you do or will visit a barber or stylist. Some have done a good job and others have done a not so good job. But a job was done. So being a barber will allow me to express my creative side more as well as give more joy and happiness into the world because there’s nothing more sexy then seeing a hot man or woman well groomed and freshly dressed. Even if your a hater secretly you say to yourself damn that person looks good. Ok, back to the haircut, as I was saying all barbers and nail dressers, and stylists, and make up artists(the grammar folks hate this comma and, comma, and ness, LOL) are artists. Some realize this and take there craft seriously and others not so seriously. I happen to find a fellow tradesman that takes his craft seriously. Hence the before and after cut.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

My artist’s name is Joey Blackwood. He did an awesome job on my cut and inspired me to step up my game as I learn this craft and not be run of the mill. If someone wants a run of the mill haircut then fine. But if your capable of more its a shame if you don’t. The time and attention to detail that Joey took to get the cut just right was exceptional. If your ever in the Riverside, San Bernadino, Fontana, or Moreno Valley Area, get a cut from Joey Blackwood. You can find him on instagram at @joeybwood or his instagram hashtags are #Joeybwood to check out the cuts that he’s done. Looking forward to adding this skill set to my list of crafts and having fun on this journey that we call Life. Electramorhipism Out. One more thing I kind of compared cutting or styling hair to SEX, some are good at it, others, so, so. This is not a pun on anyone but you get better on whatever it is directly into portion of what you put into it. If you don’t train your dog then you feed him doritos chips and soda, then take him to a dog show and wonder why he’s running around eating people’s food and fighting other dogs. LOL. Because you didn’t take the time to train the dog. You put in what you get out.

Psychology of Creativity: Political Voting Signs by Electramorhipism

So what do political voting signs have to do with anything creative. Alot in fact. Take for instance the name. Well first let me get my thoughts together. Okay got it. Now the name. Well let me put a picture in here as reference. Something thrown together using Illustrator.

Moreno Valley Electramorhipism
Moreno Valley Electramorhipism


So the sign like all political signs say the person’s name in small to basic print. Then it has the last name in SUPERBOLD Extra LARGE PRINT, now I get it. Most people aren’t going to take the time to read through the issues and see where each person stands. But the question I ask is what do the large letters stand for really. Well of course the obvious answer is so when people get to the polls they can remember the last name when they see it on the voting form. Well yes that’s one way of looking at it. But I think the real reason whether obvious or not is people identify with last names. People draw pictures with last names. If I say Kedrick Johnson for school superintendent. You automatically drawed a picture of what Kedrick Johnson looks like for Superintendent. When I say Ricardo Fuentes for Mayor. You draw a picture of the person whos running for that spot. Now what most people fail to admit but do because I was guilty of it in the past. We say do I want this guy in charge of doing this or that in my community. Then all your prejuides and biases, perceived or real experiences go to work and assist you with your decision making. So if my name is Thomas Reynord and I want to be Chairman of Arts. I might not get that many votes since people picture a Chairman of Arts differently. That doesn’t mean that Thomas can’t be Chairman of Arts, it just might be a harder sell.

So what does creativity have to do with politics? Everything. The conception of the idea. The way to reach the people. The way to sway public opinion. Polls. Mentality. Call to actions. Yes the same mechanisms of selling and marketing are in politics. Who’d a thoguht. LOL. Well enough of mi (yes mi) (in a pirate voice) ranting. Until next time Electramorhipism. Out.

Gold Panning by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

What in the hell does Gold Panning have to do with creating a Creative Arts company? I dont know. You tell me. Lol. Well not really. See learning to do gold panning is just like figuring out how to create a creative arts company. The process is hard and your looking for a needle in a haystack. But when you find some gold dust or “Color” as they call it, its all worth it. Plus in nature and off the grid is when in sights not noticed before show up. Plus your in the middle of no where which is scary but also very intense. You learn to let go of everything you know and learn to just venture. I think we think our learn that we have to have a goal or achieve, achieve, achieve, but that comes at a cost of just observing and being in the moment. When out in nature you remind yourself, no deadlines, just be.