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Social Musings 101: Fun in your Life

While your building your empire or show or whatever you are doing with your freetime or regular time. Make sure you have fun in there some where. Don’t worry you still have time to do this thing or that thing. But take the time to do and have Fun. Now for some of us fun can mean different things than for others. Either way, fun is to be had by all. Fun, Fun, Fun, don’t trip. Don’t slip, let fun rip. Lol. Have a great day. Even when things get tough be sure to have fun with the tough situation. When a friend and I were kids this Coach was punishing the team and it got so bad that all we could do was laugh, and laugh, and laugh we were bearcrawling and laughing, we started laughing so hard that the pain went away, then he yelled at us more and we had to do more because we were laughing, but we didn;t care the pain was being numbed by the laughter, so even though he punished us for whatever he perceived, we won because we were laughing the whole time. Well winjoy your day.

~Jamaal R. James

Internet Meme “Wizardly Words of Wisdom” by Electramorhipism

So alot of time, I read quotes, online about motivation and other subjects that come across my mind at the time. So I decided to come up with a meme that plays around with words and wisdom and is seemingly simple but at the same time seemingly complex. I realize that some things can’t just be said because people assume things. But if you can decipher the truth then you can get the memes or words that I’m trying to say or convey. When I’m driving or walking sometimes these sayings pop into my head so this is my way of I guess, allowing you a little into the way my mind is set up.


This new quoted deals with present circumstances that are beyond my control. But I believe in the end, things always work for the best becauseĀ  they just do. I also believe in astrology and happen to be a libra so this month for me is an especially trying time. Either way. Life goes on. Until next time. Enjoy life. Electramorhipism Out.

Do Cheaters Win?

I was thinking about different things that have happened in this lifetime and I thought to myself do cheaters win? If they do how? IF they dont why not? Is cheating wrong? I could probably come up with 10 strong arguments why its wrong and 10 strong arguments why its not just being the LOSER that I am. But for now were gonna watch a little cartoon about a man and a woman with cookies involved. Enjoy! In the next blog post I will say 10 why 10 why not, and at what point is flirting cheating (all my thinking) nothing is in stone. OR is it?