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Social Musings 101: Life

Life is Life. the life you’ve been given use it. The time you’ve been given use it. Life will Love you if you Love it back. Fear and Life go hand in hand. But we all have choices to live in live or fear. Please choose life.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Fate

Well today is Friday, but for some of you it’s Saturday. So how are things? I hope well. Either way please don’t let someone try to tell you what is your destiny or fate. You and you alone decide what your fate is and going to be. Don’t forget that. I firmly believe that FATE is what we make it. We have the right and must make the decision to be who and what we must Be. That’s all folks.


Social Musings 101: Air

Today the topic of air popped into my head. Yes the thing we breathe in and out on a regular basis. Air. We take Air for granted. Air helps us stay fit and healthy. Air helps our car engines breathe. Air helps the plants and life forms small and large to see all that they can see and as far as the eye can see. Air can be good and air can be bad. Air can clear the smog away to reveal a beautiful backdrop previously hidden to the naked eye. But what Air can also do is be destructive in the case of hurricanes, tornados, and typhoons. The air kind of reminds me of our mind and thoughts. We can think about all kinds of things. The bad things we think about usually end up brining bad and the good the good. Well enough of me this morning, hope all is well with you all have a wonderful day. JJ.

The history of Santander Group

Well there wasn’t very much information listed in regards to the history of the company. But it started in 1857 and was given the approval or decree by Queen Elizabeth II. The company was primarily involved in worldwide trader. The bank was founded on the port of Santander in Northern Spain. According to Wikipedia this was the hub of trade between Spain and Latin America…so we can assume that among things traded here, where furs, jewelry, gold, various wares, and other means of economic commerce. Click the link, read about the history of the Santander Group.

When Opportunity Knocks!

So just thinking about Opportunity. What is Opportunity? How do you know its knocking? I don’t know. That’s a good question. To me any Opportunity is a situation or set of circumstances that when handled correctly and improve your current set of circumstances or situation, or place you on a level that you’ve never been before. So why do we let Opportunities pass us bye? Why do we sit on the fence weighing pros and cons, weighing pros and cons? I don’t know. But we do. I myself have been a person that has done this time and time again. But what I’ve started to realize is if you just say “Yes” to the opportunities that life presents to you, you end up a lot closer, to your goal and can many times accomplish your goal faster than you thought possible. So the question is what will you do when Opportunity knocks?

Setting Personal Standards by RSD Motivation

So listening to motivational videos like I always do, then I came across this video and it made me really think. The video talks about personal standards and the importance of achieving goals that need to be created. The speaker says that once you set a standard if you don’t take action once that standard is crossed you end up any where because your standard is set lower and lower and lower and lower till you have no standard and are happy to just brreeeeattthhhh. Check it. Until next time, Electramorhipism out.