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Social Musings 101: The Smoothie

So many of year are probably drinking one as we speak. If you’re not drinking of one you have been thinking of one or want one. What is the illustrious drink that you prefer? Yes you guessed it the “Smoothie”. Many of us take for granted the ability to drink fruit in a glass or cup before we start or during our day. According to Wikipedia the Fred Waring came out with an electric blender. He hired a home economics consultant named Mabel Stegner to come up with some recipes for the blender. She came up with several recipes for the blender which included mixing fruit and milk together and other combinations. So the next time you go to your favorite smoothie shop, say Thank You to Fred and Mabel. Since the two, put their minds together and gave us this new social staple of value, alot of us have been healthier as a result. Not only that but the smoothie industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Who would have thought that selling liquid fruit could make so much money? You can read more about the history of the smoothie by clicking the link below. Until next time enjoy your friday.

The Smoothie