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Social Musings 101: The La Marathon

Today as we all stay fit healthy and in shape we give thanks and take our hats off to all the runners that are going to give it there all for 26.2 miles. So if you havent started your fitness routine its still not too late to get started. Just so you know its not too late to get started and don’t be hard on yourself get out there and do some running. If you can’t do 26.2 miles than go out there and run around the block if you cant go around the bock then go the mailbox, if that’s to far run to the fridge and get some water. If you cant do anything of these things then do one ab crunch everyday until you can. Thanks again, Love you all.


The Impossible is but only a Word.

So I put this video of Roger Banister breaking the 4 min mile barrier as a reminder to all of us that anything can be done when we put or minds to it. And truly LOVE what were doing. Before he accomplished this feat it hadn’t been done before. But he continued on anyway. Sometimes in spite of all odds we have to continue on anyway.


This video is of the Alan Webb breaking the American Record. As you can see by the video, it’s not on a super huge stage with all these bells and whistles. It’s at a regular meet on a small track. Yes, he did something gigantic on a really small scale. Another reminder to make changes or impact history it doesn’t have to be on the world stage. It can be done in your backyard, or living room, or car, or brain, even the bathroom if need be. Thanks for watching enjoy.