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Gold Panning by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

What in the hell does Gold Panning have to do with creating a Creative Arts company? I dont know. You tell me. Lol. Well not really. See learning to do gold panning is just like figuring out how to create a creative arts company. The process is hard and your looking for a needle in a haystack. But when you find some gold dust or “Color” as they call it, its all worth it. Plus in nature and off the grid is when in sights not noticed before show up. Plus your in the middle of no where which is scary but also very intense. You learn to let go of everything you know and learn to just venture. I think we think our learn that we have to have a goal or achieve, achieve, achieve, but that comes at a cost of just observing and being in the moment. When out in nature you remind yourself, no deadlines, just be.