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When Opportunity Knocks!

So just thinking about Opportunity. What is Opportunity? How do you know its knocking? I don’t know. That’s a good question. To me any Opportunity is a situation or set of circumstances that when handled correctly and improve your current set of circumstances or situation, or place you on a level that you’ve never been before. So why do we let Opportunities pass us bye? Why do we sit on the fence weighing pros and cons, weighing pros and cons? I don’t know. But we do. I myself have been a person that has done this time and time again. But what I’ve started to realize is if you just say “Yes” to the opportunities that life presents to you, you end up a lot closer, to your goal and can many times accomplish your goal faster than you thought possible. So the question is what will you do when Opportunity knocks?

Happy After 4th of July Day, and Happy day for others Worldwide

So good morning all. Woke up this morning, Greateful for another day. Just have to finish some final preparations for the upcoming Office Short Flim “Flick”, Office Cukkeltics. So it should be really good. I guess time will tell. Used to worry about the results and what will people think, Now I get ideas, formulate a plan, and go, go, go, go, and then afterwards say okay. That was fun, okay,, now let’s try this. This plan of action has been way more effective in achieveing the things that I have always wanted to do. Well I hope this helps someone. Have a wonderful day.