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Social Musings 101: Perspective

So when we wake up and think or get stuck in seeing ways from one perspective it’s very important from time to time to shift your focus and see things from a different perspective. New perspectives many times make all the difference in life. Gozar.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Perspective

In this posting, I’m not rambling, just saying many problems that arise and come up sometimes if we would just change the way we are looking at the situation or take a new approach we have solved the problem. So if there are any difficulties that you haven’t overcome yet, try to change perspectives and come up with a new perspective or way of doing things. That’s all. Make it a great day.


The Art of Perspective by Phil Metzger



This is a very good book for beginning artists such as myself that need to learn how to draw perspective and what not. Very good book, lots of good pointers and details. Thanks again, until next time. Electramorhipism out.