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Social Musings 101: Reading

Today as you start your day, be careful of what you read and the media you consume. If you want to learn more then read up on the subjects you would like to grow on or learn more of. Don’t forget to do all you can today and read more about the things you love to do. Have an outstanding day.


Creative Director Talk: Digital Magazine Publsihing

So I finally found a website that allows you to upload a magazine and then place it on newsstand, well 2 and for now well talk about them. The first website is called joomag.com the process is simple and very easy. The second site is called, presspad.com, both site make the magazine or pdf into an app for you and place them online. So fellow digital publishers or new digital publishers that’s it. Now you have to go and market the products and ideas and find your target market so happy hunting. Make it a great day. Here’s the cover to the Adult edition of The Book Of Creative Ideas. Enjoy.

Here’s a link to the the magazines as well.

Kid’s Edition:


Teen Edition:


Adult Edition:

The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
Created by Jamaal R. james for James creative arts and entertainment publishing company.