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What if Elephants could swing thru the trees like Monkeys?

Made a cartoon about an Elephant flying thru the sky like a monkey. Thought that would be cool. Then made a remix mashup play around with sound of Common and Hitek’s Sun God and Common and Lily Allen Drivin Me Wild. Enjoy. More mixes and toons coming again again and again do you suffer from obessive complusive disorder maybe..slightly…LOL. Noooooo. Enjoy your day or night. Open your mind dont judge and starting out in the game critizing are not stpes in the right direction. Later.

More Remixes and Erotic Remixes by DJ Electramorhipism

Made a remix/mashup to Tupac’s whats your phone number and 8675309 (Jenny) by Tommy Tutone and a remix by a new upcoming artist named Rami Odaini┬ácalled Were Back. That’s it. Ha Ha. Lol. Done. More cartoons coming, just havent got them the way I want yet. Thanks again. Later. May this music inspire you to come up with something newer and better. Thank You.