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Social Musings 101: Snow

Today if it’s cold outside where you live. Go build a snow man. If you can build a full blown snow man then build  a mini puppet snow man. If it’s too cold for any of that then build a snow snow ball. If that doesn’t work then go touch the snow. Well that’s about it…don’t let the snow near you go to waste and have a wonderful day.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Rain and Snow Workers

As the rain and snow keep piling up on us I enjoy and am grateful for the people who work on the sides of the roads and on the road to remove snow and other obstructions from the road so that people can arrive at their respective destinations and people can get all that they needed to get. Just sayin.

Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: East Coast Weather Snow Storm

So from all accounts of things if you live on the east coast it appears that things are going down, down, down. In regards to snow and snow storms and snowed roads and highways. So if your reading this and on the east coast enjoy this time that you have to spend with loved ones. I’m sure some of you can’t make it to work or your kids have to stand home at school. For those of you that have a business or only work when you get paid, relax, relax, everything works itself out. If you start worrying about money and bills it will take away from your experience to just be in the moment with your family, friends, or just your situation. No worries. Enjoy your life. Stay warm as you possibly can. If you are stuck indoors all day you might as well finish a project that you started and tidy up the house a bit. Well have a great day. JJ