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Social Musings 101: Patience

We live in a very paced society. If we want soething we don’t have to wait we can have it now. If you want a bbq rib plate with pecan pie there’s a restaurant that will make it for you. If you want some macaroni taco salad, there’s someone or some where you can find or get access to that. So if we can have anything we want instantly then why am I talking about patience. I am talking about patience because some things take time. Take for granted the redwoods or Sequoias in Northern California. Those trees take years and years and years to rise to those heights. So while I’m not saying don’t go hard at what you do. No do that actually and more. But on some of the bigger things we want in life take your time and enjoy the process. So if you want be build a 20,000 square foot house with detailed design I’m sure this will take much longer than a copy and paste regular house. So all I’m saying is when you’re rushing something step back and ask yourself why am I rushing this, what do I fear? Let me slow down and see what happens. Enjoy your day and life. ~Electramorhipism

People Who contributed to society……..

The next person on the list of people who have contributed to society is John Boyd Dunlop. Mr. Dunlop had a son who would get headaches whenever he rode his bike on rough roads. So Mr. Dunlop went to work and came up with the idea to put a rubber tube around the wood wheel of his son’s bike. He tweaked the tire until it rolled with no problem. Mr. Dunlop applied for a patent on the tire and was initially granted the patent but later taken away after it was discovered someone had drawn and patented the idea. But that doesn’t take away from Mr. Dunlop’s idea or contribution…as the fact that he physically made the product helped all of us. We can now ride smoothly and¬†independently on roads, hills, and all types of surfaces because of the tire. Thank you Mr. Dunlop.