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Social Musings 101: The Symbolism of Wind

If you live in Southern California you”l notice the wind has been blowing incessantly. If you don’t live in California, you’ve had to deal with the same issue. As a result of the blowing, I figured there has to be something positive about all this wind blowing. Maybe it means something. I started reading and searching online and came across several different articles about wind symbolism. In addition to the metaphysical or spiritual inclinations that wind has or brings there are many physical pluses to the wind. For one it clears alot of smog out of the air. Two it cleans up sideways and trash. Three it cleans abandoned fields of debris and trash. Finally it keeps more people inside so that the roads are open and less congested. Well enough ranting, just google, yahoo, or bing search wind symbolism, see what you learn. By the way, Happy New Year’s Eve.