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Do Cheaters Win?

I was thinking about different things that have happened in this lifetime and I thought to myself do cheaters win? If they do how? IF they dont why not? Is cheating wrong? I could probably come up with 10 strong arguments why its wrong and 10 strong arguments why its not just being the LOSER that I am. But for now were gonna watch a little cartoon about a man and a woman with cookies involved. Enjoy! In the next blog post I will say 10 why 10 why not, and at what point is flirting cheating (all my thinking) nothing is in stone. OR is it?

Cartoon Video: The WormStory by VJ Electramorhipism

A story about a worm that chases a hole and fails miserably over and over only to find true Love with three other holes. If you have any the most basic common understanding of unverbable communication you know what the story is about (from my perspective) but its open to interpretation once again.