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Social Musings 101: Perspective

In this posting, I’m not rambling, just saying many problems that arise and come up sometimes if we would just change the way we are looking at the situation or take a new approach we have solved the problem. So if there are any difficulties that you haven’t overcome yet, try to change perspectives and come up with a new perspective or way of doing things. That’s all. Make it a great day.


Social Musings 101: Timing

Fresh off the press the thought of timing has been popped into my head. How are you using your time? What are you doing with your time? What things can you do better with your time? Or where has all the time gone? So today think about time, and the time you have left. What are you doing with it? Have a wonderful day.

Social Musings 101

In today’s session of people who have contributed to society……we discuss Seneca the Younger…as early dates put him on as the person who looked thru a glass filled with water and noticed that letters no matter how small could be magnified. It’s this magnification principle that eventually led to other creators coming up with and making eyeglasses. So some of you can’t read this type without glasses or contacts. Others that have had Lasik no longer need them. Well you can think the likes of Seneca and all the others after him who added to this concept and built on it. As a result of his discovery and telling others about it many people that would have been robbed from walking in the wrong area, swindled from not being able to read contracts, didn’t have these things happen. But on a lighter more positive note the same people have been able to fully enjoy the joys of life, seeing flowers bloom, seeing the sunset, seeing beauty in all it’s grandeur and physical form…some experiences can only be fully  felt by experiencing them from all five senses. If you have ever been to a concert or a theater or really been into a movie that you like you can experience this. If  you have ever been really happy or in LOVe and had a experience with your significant  other that involves heavy breathing……LOL….you know what I’m talking about….I think it’s those memories  and experiences that make life worth living and looking forward to…..so for all the creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs involved in the magnification of glasses, or eye glasses, or glass ware. Thank You. Click the links  to learn more about Seneca the Younger and glasses.



Social Musings 101

People who have contributed to society……..

In this post of people who have given or contributed to society we are going to talk about socks.  So socks have been around for a really long time. The oldest pair of found socks was located at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt, they date back to 300-500 A.D. So since sockss were created so long ago not one person is really attributed to building the beauties. But can you imagine Life without socks. No socks. Man sweaty feet……smelly feet….or always having to change the cloth around your shoes. Especially in winter time…socks come in handy so much. If you have ever worked a job where you have to stand for long periods of time then you understand. As you can wear multiple pairs of socks that act as a cushion to your heel and foot. So thank you to all the people over the centuries who have contributed to the sock and perfected the sock and made it what it is……….Thanks again…..to read more about the history of the sock. Click the link.

Social Musings 101

People Who Have Contributed to Society

Today we learn about 2 individuals who contributed to society (apparently from records at the same time) in regards to the wonderful and childlike Teddy Bear. So  Morris Michtom after seeing a cartoon where  former President Theodore Roosevelt had some bad dealings with a bear got the idea to create a toy bear. He named the toy bear a Teddy Bear. It just so happens that he owned a novelty shop and then put  in the window and they started to sell. As a result of the successful sales of the teddy bear he founded the company Ideal Novelty and Toy Company. Before sailing the toy bears he got permission from Teddy to produce the toy bears using his name.

The second person who according to records came up with the idea at the exact same time as Michtom was Richard Steiff. So Richard came up with the same idea and with a toy bear and took it to a toy fair and caught the guy of a manufacturer who ordered a whole lot of teddy bears. Then as any successful item does it started showing up every where with women and people holding the bears. But today I say thank you to Michtom and Steiff because of all the affection and displays of LOVE that are non- material but the bear allows to give the material expression of LOVE. That’s all enjoy your day, evening, and night. Click the link to read more about the history of teddy bears.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

Before we start this post I want to take a moment of silence to remember Mr. JFK was assassinated today………..may he rest in peace……….

The person who were are going to discuss today in relation to his contribution to society is none other than Albert L. Marsh. Mr. Marsh  created a metal alloy that could be used as a heating element and could withstand high-resistance  than the metal that was currently being made at the time. This discovery was helpful in the introduction of the electric heater…..now I know some of you are wrapped in a blanket as you’re reading this or in pajamas with the heater going…so if you have an electric heater blowing you can give thanks to Mr. Marsh as he diligently tried out different configurations until one worked. Read more about Mr. Marsh by clicking the link.


People Who Have Contributed to Society………..

So the next person on my list of people who have contributed to society…is none other than……John Brown. Mr. Brown lived at a time when people talked, and talked, and talked, and after talking, talked some more about the abolition of slavery. Mr. Brown took action and put his money where his mouth is…and unknowingly sparked the start of the civil war which eventually led to the slaves being free. Mr. Brown’s contribution to society is that all the millions and millions of free slaves now…owe their freedom to men like John Brown…who stood up for the truth in spite of the social pressure to be otherwise….he is understood by some to be a madmen yes, but the only way the south was going to give up the slaves was by force…as slavery had become a lifestyle and one of the major economic factors for wealthy slave owners…..no pay….free labor……hell yeah…sounds like a deal…….so thank you Mr. Brown….for your contribution to society. Read more about John Brown here….click the link.

People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

In this posting we bring up the rapper and entrepreneur, Andre Romelle Young…..better known as…Dr. Dre……now in regards to contribution…in my opinion Dr. Dre has done a lot…..not only for music but for the careers of other artists as well. Dr. Dre has made a lot of music that people have danced to and created children from…and just in general had a good time too….the lyrics might say this or that…..but the beat and rhythm many times is uplifting and refreshing……Dr. Dre also helped pioneer the west coast sound of hip-hop. Dr. Dre has one 6 grammy awards as well as producer of the year…….when he had to leave death row records and start all over he didn’t complain..he just did..what he had to do…..and created a new company from scratch that was more successful than his previous company….Dr. dre has done a lot in regards to creating jobs for the people that marketed his albums, created posters and art work for this albums, and the  ten’s and 1,000’s of people that worked at concerts providing security and concessions to the eager concert goers…….that’s all..read more about the history of Dr. Dre…click the link.

People Who Have Contributed to Society………..

So some people loathe the name, others hate the name….but in my opinion that’s their problem…you can’t take away from the man’s contribution..and that’s none other than………Michael Joseph Jackson. Michael grew up in Gary, Indiana and was the 8th of 10 children. His father as we all now…….Joseph Walter Jackson…..was the script one of the family always beating the children into submission….which later caused..Michael to have serious issues..which is another story in and of itself……but the focus here is on Michael’s contribution…….he is the only artist with the best selling album of all time…(next to the Eagle’s Greatest Hits Album…….he did a lot for race relations as well..and thru music showed people the non-validity of some of their strongly held views…he also provide 1,000’s of jobs for all the writers, artists, engineers, and others that were involved in the performance and productions of his albums, events, music, and shows…..even as a kid I remember dancing to Billy Jean….for an elementary school performance…….not only did he make hit after hit, after hit, he donated more money to charity than any other artist…….even in death Michael you’re still great and thanks again for your contributions to society……..I posted a video performance of Michael’s 1993 Superbowl performance….it was amazing…..to this day, I still haven’t seen a performance this great at the superbowl, he was on another level……he mixed performance art with music and social content that was applicable at the time………I believe that’s another reason he had such powerful cross cultural appeal…you can feel his passion….don’t take my word for it….check the clip out…..below and read about the history of Michael Jackson here.