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The history of Ericsson

Ericsson was started by Lars Magnus Ericsson. He worked for a company that made telegraph equipment for the Swedish government. Lars got the idea to start a telegraph repair company (probably after seeing how long it took his company to repair things). Lars moved from telegraph repair into repair foreign made telephones and then finally making his own telephones. Lars had a major market share of his phones in Sweden. But Bell Telephone  company brought the biggest telephone network in Sweden and only allowed their equipment and phones to be used with the network…effectively squeezing any competition out of the pipeline…but do not dismay…as that didn’t deter Lars. Lars kept pushing and found niche markets in Russia, Britain, Mexico, and South America. Another telephone network in Sweden opened up and made Lars one of his main providers of telephone equipment since he couldn’t contract with Bell or use  Bell’s systems per their company policy…….So right place at the right time?…..Lucky….who knows…..I think it was a combination of mindset and determination that no matter what happens…..I’m going to make this company succeed. Heck, most would have given up as soon as Bell came to town and said..well how can I compete with Bell? They are a powerhouse…and now what do you know? Ericsson is in the U.S. now…..Click the link…..Read about the history of Ericsson.

The history of Santander Group

Well there wasn’t very much information listed in regards to the history of the company. But it started in 1857 and was given the approval or decree by Queen Elizabeth II. The company was primarily involved in worldwide trader. The bank was founded on the port of Santander in Northern Spain. According to Wikipedia this was the hub of trade between Spain and Latin America…so we can assume that among things traded here, where furs, jewelry, gold, various wares, and other means of economic commerce. Click the link, read about the history of the Santander Group.

The History of Starbucks

Starbucks was started by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker. The company opened its doors on March 30, 1971. The three got the idea to sell high quality roasted beans and equipment from Alfred Peet after he showed them how he roasted his beans. Starbucks would eventually buy Peet’s from Alfred. The founders ended up selling the company to a former employee Howard Schlutz, he took the company and ran with it and turned Starbucks into what it is today. When Starbucks first started the market for premium coffee was only 3% after a few years it increased to 10%. Starbucks capitalized on a premium coffee trend before other coffee houses had any clue what was happening. Read about the history of Starbucks. Click the link.

The History of Mastercard

MasterCard was started by a collective of banks some of which predominately or are now known as……United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Crocker National Bank, Union Bank of California, and various others. The banks created the card to compete against Bank of America’s card which later turned into Visa,,,,,,,,, what do you know? Well enjoy, reading the history of MasterCard. Click the link.

The History of Kraft

So Kraft began when James L. Kraft came to the United States in 1903. Now get this, his idea was to have a door to door cheese business. Now I wonder how many times he was laughed at by others as he went door to door selling cheese? Who knows, but he saw the idea and that’s all that matters and in his first year he lost over 3,000 dollars, that may seem small but that’s a lot of money to lost and keep going on because as ET says it started with a vision. Enjoy reading about the history of Kraft. Click the link.

The History of 20th Century Fox

What is now 20th Century Fox was started by a man named William Fox in 1915. William focused on building theaters over pictures when he first started out. He brought many defunct companies, he also was able to show the animated flick, Gertie The Dinosaur, well before others were able too. Enjoy. 20th Century Fox, click the button. At one point the company was bankrupt and insolvent…..but the company pressed on……

The History of Groupe Danone

So what in America is the company we call, Dannon, is actually called Groupe Danone. The company was started in 1919 by a jewish immigrant named  Isaac Carasso. He named the company Danone after the nicknames of one of his sons. Enjoy. The History of Dannon. Click the link.

The History of L’Oreal

Eugene Schueller was a French chemist who created hair dyes and sold them to hair stylists in Paris. 10 years later he registered his company…and walllllah…you have L’Oreal. A multi-billion dollar worldwide company. Read about the History of L’Oreal here. Click the link.