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Social Musings 101: Water

Be grateful and thankful for the water in your area. Not only does it help clean the clothes you wear and wash dishes but it helps prepare the food you eat and to take baths daily. Be thankful and grateful for the rain that was brought down this year as well. Have a wonderful day.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James


Social Musings 101: Water after a drought

So California has been under a drought for a little while. Well a long little while. But now it is pouring rain and snow and hasn’t stopped for the last couple of days. This is a metaphor for life as well whether it be business, friendship, or relationships, sometimes things are flowing other times they aren’t…but it’s all apart of the process. Any farmer that burnt all his crop because he feared not being able to water the crop would be doubly upset now that the water and rain are flowing and flooding the land now. So on that note just remember no matter where you are in life its seasonal and cyclical.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Positive Mental Attitude? Really? Mashup Remix & Hood Pirates #1 by VJ Electramorhipism

In this session I made a cartoon that popped into my head about a group of pirates that go around in the hood on a boat with no water and going around eating and scavenging off of whatever they can. More Episodes coming soon as well. Forgive the Audio using a new program with a higher learning curve so just put basic audio but next time will be better I pinky sware LOL. Then made a mashup remix to songs that really get me going. Maybe a message or maybe not. But thats all until next time Enjoy.