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The History of Ebay

So what would you do for a loved one? Well believe it or not the founder of ebay built a website for his fiance that allowed him to sell her favorite item of Pez dispensers online. The founder of ebay is named Pierre Omidyar. As the website continued to grow Pierre had to hire more people, at one point Meg Whitman was hired as the CEO of the company. Pretty interesting start to this company……while enjoy. Read about the history of eBay. Click the link.

The History Of Google

So google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were students at Stanford University(Go Trees). They were completed a project that they were speculating about how pages back linked to other pages, a professor advised him to pick this theme for his project, and he did. Now what if the professor told him that all his ideas were dumb and he should re-think his career as a programmer? Well I guess he would have never started google but someone else would have, or maybe mankind would have never enjoyed the effiency and use of google. Well here’s the history of google. Enjoy.