Video Mix/Short Film/Concept Videos

A collection of videos made to music by various artists. Still more to come just have to get things in the right order.

This video is about overcoming fears to get to where you need to go no matter how powerful, strong, or generational they may be, you have to let go and push past it. This video reminds me of that, thats the idea. Theres more, those who know do. Thanks for watching!


Made a short video to Sharon Phillips Mix.


Made a hd clip mix to Jinc Ent’s, Stop Drop and Roll.


A reverse concept video.


A song by Benny Benassi remixed by afrojack and then I made a video with clips and hd loops(not mine) to the music.


Liked this song by the toxic avenger and put some hd clips to the music was learning how to work on timing.


Video mix to a song.

After a long dance hiatus I came up with this video and how restrictive our roles in society can be and are and the freedom music provides you, us, and I.


A video made when I had a Party Entertainment Company.


A video I made of a black Santa Claus coming to town and how would that look.


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