Monthly Archives: December 2013

Donut World 1.1 Video Game Trailer & Donut Give Away

Electramorhipism Games is having a gaming contest. If you beat donut world 1.1 and send a screen shot on instagram, we will mail you one dollar to get a free donut. When you get your donut we just ask that you tag it on instagram hashtag #ibeatdonutworld. Thanks for playing and more Spec Ads may or may not be around the corner or some copywriter ideas. Thats it.

Spec Ad: GYM Financial “Grow Your Money” is our Motto by Electramorhipism Games.

This is a Spec Ad that I made to show future clients what our advertising company is capable of creating. Only time will tell. But had to get started. Winjoy! The basic concept was to have lazy money and then money working out its a campaign that can easily be done by a major financial company or a small time company to generate leads. Having fun enjoying the ride. That’s it. Electramorhipism Out. Oh if any companies see this spec ad and want to talk about freelance or collaboration contact me at nine five one five five two five one nine four. Thanks in advance.