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Social Musings 101: Interstate Highway System

On this glorious occasion of getting  to wake up and enjoy another day and a busy weekend of running around and I thought of all the things that make the interstate highway system possible. We always take it for granted but I decided to be thankful for all the people who have made the highway system a better place by various means. Have you ever thought about the signs that guide you to your destination such as how far certain places are from where you currently are. If you have GPS or turn by turn navigation can you imagine all the planners and designers and programmers that went into making that happen? If you have road on smooth roads then you can think all the road pavers and people that went into planning the roads. If you have driven down a litter free highway you can think all the people that picked up trash on the sides of the road. A lot of hands go into making sure that in whatever county you live your highway experience is exceptional. So on that note be grateful for all that you have and what others have done for you. Have a Great Day!

If you want to read more about Highways here’s a link. Enjoy.

Interstate Highway System