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Social Musings 101: How long has man been on Earth?

Well after the gifts were unwrapped and all the food had been eaten and time spent together, I was browsing the television and came across a show that was talking about the Egyptian Mummy Tombs and the Tomb Raiders and what not, I thought to myself wow, I wonder how long man has really been on earth? So of course I started searching and came across some interesting facts. So according to humans have been here for over 200,000 years. The oldest site (so far) with human artifacts is located in Ethopia and it’s called the Middle Awash settlement. At this site they have built tools and things of this sort. So I was thinking to myself we have only been here for 200,000 years then what was before us as the earth has been around for millions of years. So today I wanted to be thankful for all our early ancestors for making the right decisions that kept them alive that allowed me and all of us now to be here. Enough ranting, I’m sure many of you are going to get those after Christmas Specials, so do what you must and try to focus on spring clothes as those are the clothes that will be the cheapest. Enjoy.