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Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the Valley of Hope “Short Film”

Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Finished my 2nd short film, called, “Silly Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of Hope. Hope you guys like it. it was a lot of fun to make. More to come but for now enjoying the moment.

Usain Bolt Cartoon Carl Lewis and Animation Professor Wolves & Sheep Dogs

So Gonna actually write alot this time because I fell the need to explain myself or whats been on my mind for a minute. So well let’s say I know someone that went to an Animation school (in a different reality) and were learning and everything was fine. Then the Professor of the Class decided he was gonna be GOD or whatever and Said that some artwork that I had done on a project was shit. Then compared it to the worst shit he’d ever seen then proceeded to bring politics into his opinion of the animation. Talk about totally unprofessional Loser ass. Yes he was. But he was pretty smart because he had us feel out the professor evaluation forms first. Then he critiques the projects. Now I wouldn’t be up in arms because of course constructive criticism is good for all of us. i’m for that as well. But I sat in class and watched the way he talked to others about their projects and what they needed to improve on. So i was like okay a compliment then criticism cool he’s being fair. But then when my project came up he was like WTF? Then proceeded to say How the cartoon/drawing reminded him of Obama how bad it looked and what the hell was I thinking when I made the assignment. You know when it’s out of the ordinary because the whole class got quiet and no one moved or said anything. Like on the playground when the Bully goes on a rampage and no one wants no part of it because they fear getting pulvarized. Plus he’s already told us about a million times how well connected in the Animation industry he is and how he can hook us up if he likes us. So would anyone dare say anything to the Tyrannical Zealot in charge of their grade and Future Creative Careers. Probably not. But I stopped looking for people to help me in high school. So I calmly approached the Professor after class and asked what was so wrong with my project. He told me that the project was bad and that I needed to work on it because that project wasn’t up to standard. I have learned not to yell or act up at certain times because I know how the Professor will play the situation and say that I yelled at hima nd he feared for his safety or something so I took it for what it was and went on my way. Luckily I had taken two classes that taught me how to animate so just in case one door closed I would learn it another way and HHHHAAAAAAAA sure enough in another animation class I learned how to animate which is what I wanted to do anyway. Plus that software is very time consuming (maya) when it comes to animating and if you push the wrong button or dont follow the right step the whole animation warps and then it freezes from time to time no matter if you have 4gb of ram or 16. So I learned what I wanted to learn but I kept thinking Damn I wonder how many students suffer in silence at the hands of Professors like this. Because this guy has the knowledge that you need but unless you do what he wants he’s unwilling to give it to you. But HAAAAAAA another website I found is and you can learn damn near any digital program out there for only 25 to 40 a month. You can basically teach yourself everything they have tutorials and everything. That’s why I LOVE the internet because before I would just have to put up with his SHit and Hope that I sucked his cock the right way so that he gave me a passing grade or let me learn what i wanted to learn. Now I’m not against telling someone how to improve. That’s needed all of us need it. But if you had a child and they were first learning to swim or ride a bike you wouldn’t throw them in a pool and say now swim damn it or put them on a bike and say go down the hill. No everything done or not done is all or stems from confidence so you let them get their feet wet or sit on the bike with you holding the bike so it doesnt fall over. Then after a series of different steps you build them up to try different milestones and even if they dont make the milestone you dont say GODDamn it I cant believe you regressed you damn Dummy, Thats the worst bike riding or swimming I ever seen. Especially not in front of their peers who are goona work in the same line of work as them. SO like I said in the Cartoon FUCK YOU, and every Professor like you that thinks its your right to Shit on another person’s creativity. OH you shouldn’t say that why….the people that are gonna work with me will and those that aren’t arent…not being myself and truly expressing myself is only gonna bring me more bullshit and Drama, Dont need anymore of that.

Next onto the Usain Bolt Carl Lewis Bullshit. The man ran the second fastest time in the world and the only thing that you can say is that Jamaica needs to have stronger drug testing policies. Now even if you think that at least let the man thrive and shine in his moment. He doesnt get this all the time it’s a once in a lifetime thing for the man. If he’s doping up and on drugs it’s gonna come out like it always does. But Man Jamaica and the Bahamas basically kicked our (America’s Ass) in most of the sprinting events on the men’s side and we’ve had alot of unforseen injuries…which causes me to conclude that it just wasn’t the US’s year in Men’s Sprints now the woman on the other Hand were shining in all which and every kind of way. The World Record for the Woman’s 4 by 100 meter team. Damn. I mean they deserve it. But even though the Men got second in the 4 x 100 they at least broke the National Record in the 4x 100 so that was cool. The games were very interesting to watch it just seems like they went bye Hella fast.

The last thing I wanna write about is Wolves and Sheeps. Now I could be wrong but the SheepDog is basically suppossed to protect the sheep from the Wolves. But I imagined how silly it would be for the Sheepdog to ask the Wolf (known for eating sheep) to please, please leave the sheep alone and then turn his back on the wolf. Are you serious…….No………you can never turn your back on a wolf he/she is just waiting for the right time to pounce.

Almost forgot made this mashup cuz thought of the Biggie song and how he always says HahHAHAHAH HAAAAAAAAAAA. And then thought of a song to go with it. Didn’t really work out but I tryed and I’m getting better from just playing around with sounds. One day I’ll be producing for Major Labels and Indie Artists and Shows TV and composing for movies and all. For now. I’m here..enjoying being doing me. LOl. Yea I wrote alot but need to express in a different way this time. Almost forgot doing this secret trick thing started a week ago if it works I will tell you about it and the website that helped spark the idea. One more thing sometimes its amazing youcan type in certain keywords and it usually always leads me or helps me find a site ot blod that is/was exactly what I was looking for. Okay. Done. Enjoy your night or day whereever you are. Stay Focused. Enjoy the moments.

More Cartoons & Abstract Thoughts

In the series of cartoons that follow, I was playing around with Flash or should I say making LOve to flash since me and flash are in a relationship? Dont know. Well be safe and say playing around with flash, then came up with the idea of a little bot world war and what are the motivations of Superheros, no not the cut and dry ones that you’ve been taught to adore but what would really motivate a superhero to risk his life and save a princess in distress…..well the first webisode touches on it the others are coming soon. The other cartoons have…done talking, Enjoy!

Do Cheaters Win?

I was thinking about different things that have happened in this lifetime and I thought to myself do cheaters win? If they do how? IF they dont why not? Is cheating wrong? I could probably come up with 10 strong arguments why its wrong and 10 strong arguments why its not just being the LOSER that I am. But for now were gonna watch a little cartoon about a man and a woman with cookies involved. Enjoy! In the next blog post I will say 10 why 10 why not, and at what point is flirting cheating (all my thinking) nothing is in stone. OR is it?