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Creative Director Talk: Color Theory

So lately I have been reading and learning more about colors and the importance of color and color theory.

So according  to color wheel

Red is associated with passion, war, and love.

Orange is associated with happiness, and creativity.

Yellow is associated with energy, thankfulness.

Green has a healing power, and means growth and fertility.

Blue is associated with loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence.

Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, and extravagance.

White is associated with innocence.

Black is associated with power and mystery.

So enjoy this little simple version of the color wheel/theory and to read more in depth about color check out this website.

Motivation Quotes by Bradley Whitford

Social Musings 101: Fate

Well today is Friday, but for some of you it’s Saturday. So how are things? I hope well. Either way please don’t let someone try to tell you what is your destiny or fate. You and you alone decide what your fate is and going to be. Don’t forget that. I firmly believe that FATE is what we make it. We have the right and must make the decision to be who and what we must Be. That’s all folks.


Social Musings 101: Perspective

In this posting, I’m not rambling, just saying many problems that arise and come up sometimes if we would just change the way we are looking at the situation or take a new approach we have solved the problem. So if there are any difficulties that you haven’t overcome yet, try to change perspectives and come up with a new perspective or way of doing things. That’s all. Make it a great day.


Social Musings 101: Forgiveness

Many times in life we hold onto grudges and negative feelings from others. We have to remind ourselves of what we feel and what’s coming from others. For instance if you wake up in a good mood and are having an awesome day and then run into a Debbie downer, if you can run. If not just let the person vent don’t try to redirect their negative energy just focus on something that’s positive in your immeadiate environment. So if there’s a tree think about the good oxygen that people are breathing as a result of the tree. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to forgive others who’ve hurt you in the past. Learn to let go, completely and move forward with your life.

Social Musings 101: Coaching

So the new thing that’s important in today’s day and age whether on a path to a set of goals or not. Is the value of a Coach, from Rocky to Karate Kid, new and old the importance of the right Coach is invaluable in the pursuit of whatever it is that you want in life or out of life. So look in your corner, is your Coach helping or hurting you? Is your Coach showing you everything wrong with situations or is your Coach encouraging you and showing you how to improve? Well today and tomorrow remember the Coach is very valuable and if you don’t have the right Coach keep searching until you find it. Thanks, make it a wonderful day.