Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cartoon Video: The Awkward Invite by VJ Electramorhipism

Created by VJ Electramorhipism a cartoon about a guy inviting a girl he knows over to play video games. Turns out she likes video games as well.

Awesome Power by VJ Electramorhipism

In this webisode I was sitting around the house playing with flash, then came up with this silly animation and song. The animation could have been more but wasnt. The song is just about being tired of told different lies in life and in general. Well thats all. Enjoy!

Wifi SD Cards

I was laying down on the bed resting when an idea popped in my head. I wonder if wifi on cameras is available or at least some type of adapter. I found this website apparently you can load a wifi sd card into your camera and then upload live to youtube or a slew of other streaming sites. So you could throw a show or gig and have some friends with cameras use different cameras and get different views from the show or event. Live. you can actually go places and stream LIVE, then if you wanna, you can put ads on the stream (not that i know how) but its possible. So what I envision is some type of competition via singing or multimedia. Then each person goes up and does there thing. You can actual Live voting on what people want or like while your at the event. With the use of portable wifi this makes you your own broadcast network, now all you need is good content. Best of Luck! Oh, one more thing I dont work for this company. Just saw a useful tool that I thought could help myself and decided to share with others.

Kung Fu Gung Fu #2 by VJ Electramorhipism


In this webisode of Kung Fu Gung Fu Sally Fu has to fight a 3 headed golden ninja dragon slouth in order to protect her creativity. This is silly. I know. But I liked it and made it cuz it made me Happy. So either way enjoy. Good Day.

Gyeah Burgers #7

In this webisode Tyrone lets the dude man know what he thinks about fast and slow money.