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Creative Director Talk: Colors

Many times when we come with creations we tend to change the color to something that fits or something that fits in with a genre or fashion or style. But if you get an idea for color schemes in your head that may or may not work. Wait, be patient, bring the idea to life and then change and alter it until it becomes what you want.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Digital Magazine Publsihing

So I finally found a website that allows you to upload a magazine and then place it on newsstand, well 2 and for now well talk about them. The first website is called the process is simple and very easy. The second site is called,, both site make the magazine or pdf into an app for you and place them online. So fellow digital publishers or new digital publishers that’s it. Now you have to go and market the products and ideas and find your target market so happy hunting. Make it a great day. Here’s the cover to the Adult edition of The Book Of Creative Ideas. Enjoy.

Here’s a link to the the magazines as well.

Kid’s Edition:

Teen Edition:

Adult Edition:

The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
Created by Jamaal R. james for James creative arts and entertainment publishing company.

Creative Director Talk: Importance of Finding Your Own Path

So one of the more important steps and paths to take on our journey to wherever it is we are headed it’s important to note that this life is your life. Your life that is unique to any others and all choices and decisions you make are yours. Many times we let the seeming neediness of others influence or creative decisions. But in the end you have to live with the final product, so stick to your creative vision and do you. That’s all.


Creative Director Talk: Quality

Today the one point that was on my mind was quality. Many times when getting started on projects we pay so much attention to detail that we never take action. Quality is important and will come but it is first important to do and as you make progress the quality will improve. But many times too many of us (myself included) don’t do because of the fear of the quality of work. But just remember do and the quality will come. Make it a great day.

This is the Creative Director, Jamaal R. James, signing off, until next time. Keep creating.

Social Musings 101

People Who Have Contributed to Society

Today we learn about 2 individuals who contributed to society (apparently from records at the same time) in regards to the wonderful and childlike Teddy Bear. So  Morris Michtom after seeing a cartoon where  former President Theodore Roosevelt had some bad dealings with a bear got the idea to create a toy bear. He named the toy bear a Teddy Bear. It just so happens that he owned a novelty shop and then put  in the window and they started to sell. As a result of the successful sales of the teddy bear he founded the company Ideal Novelty and Toy Company. Before sailing the toy bears he got permission from Teddy to produce the toy bears using his name.

The second person who according to records came up with the idea at the exact same time as Michtom was Richard Steiff. So Richard came up with the same idea and with a toy bear and took it to a toy fair and caught the guy of a manufacturer who ordered a whole lot of teddy bears. Then as any successful item does it started showing up every where with women and people holding the bears. But today I say thank you to Michtom and Steiff because of all the affection and displays of LOVE that are non- material but the bear allows to give the material expression of LOVE. That’s all enjoy your day, evening, and night. Click the link to read more about the history of teddy bears.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

Included in this post of People Who Have Contributed to Society……

We discuss none other than Charles Goodyear who came out with a patent for vulcanized rubber and later built the first rubber soccer ball, as previous generations of players had to play with pig bladders and wine bottles. So by Charles introducing the rubber soccer ball to the world it made it a lot easier to play the game and wasn’t so hard on the feet. All the boys and girls and men and women of the world who go out daily to dribble and practice goals can say thank you to Mr. Charles. As by Mr. Charles making the ball out of rubber the pain of the kicking the ball all day is lesser and the ball is also lighter but sturdier. So the ball can be kicked and kicked and kicked for hours on end and used over and over again without a hiccup….and for that we take our hats off to Mr. Goodyear and his invention of the rubber soccer ball. Click the link to read more.


People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

So the next person on the list of people who have contributed to society is…….Friedrich William Gustav Bruhn………Mr. Bruhn invented the modern taximeter…….By inventing the taximeter…Mr. Bruhn gave way and paved a way for many immigrants to make a living to feed their families and contribute to the societies in which they lived. Mr. Bruhn’s idea also was the leader of ideas that gave rise to services like Uber……..and other ride services…….how many times have you been out late and couldn’t see straight and took a taxi and arrived home safely…..or how many time s have you been stranded or needed to get to that important meeting after getting off the plane  and the taxi driver took you right to your destination…no questions asked…..A lot….so think you Mr. Bruhn for your invention and all the millions of people worldwide that were gainfully employed and developed a sense of pride my being able to take care of their families. Read more about Mr. Bruhn by clicking the link.

People who have contributed to society………

Patek Philippe was inventor or credited inventor who developed the wrist watch…..he made the watch for  Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. I say that is contribution was great to society in that he helped spread the use of time…and made it easier for people to know what time it was…….during this time period men were scared to where a wristwatch as mostly women were wristwatches and men used hand clocks or clocks that required two hands. As a result of making the watches for royalty other people wanted to wear these wristwatches as well…..and helped spur a new wristwatch movement as others competed with him in regards to wristwatch making he also raised the standard really high for watches…which caused people to have a higher standard in regards to what is and isn’t acceptable in regards to a functioning wrist watch……so thank you Mr. Philippe. Click the link and read more about Patek Philippe and the invention of the first wristwatch.