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The History of Nintendo

Who knew that hand cards would turn into a multi-billion dollar organization? So Fusajiro Yamauchi started Nintendo Koppai on September 23, 1889. The company started out making hand cards and was mostly distributed in Japan. The company had many successors who took over the company after its founding. Some of the keys things that Nintendo did was to obtain the rights to put Disney characters on playing cards. Another key aspect of the companies success was to get a U.S. distribution deal for the companies hand cards. At one point the company had a major influx of cash and spent a great deal and several ventures that had nothing to do with hand cards or gaming. But the company struck gold again with toy manufacturing. Well enjoy reading the History of Nintendo. Click the link.

Exercise and Fitness by Electramorhipism

So started the day off right by exercising at the crack of dawn. What I have found is that by starting the day doing exercise the rest of the day seems to go by seamlessly and the rest of the day I don’t have to exercise as much will power to get things done. But things are what they are. I had to post this was going to take a picture of shoes while running but changed my mind. So I think by exercising a little at a time just like our goals we can achieve them a little at a time. Oh, by the way I thought of the slogan or mission statement of the creative arts company while running. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company, Changing lives thru story, interaction, and design.