Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dark Knight Theme Remix by DJ Electramorhipism

Sitting around watching the Olympics then started to watch clips of Dark Knight online and got inspired to make a somewhat Epic but motivating song..then send it to a few Olympic Athletes via twitter and maybe it will or wont motivate them to go that much more harder. If you guys use the music you dont ever have to let me know..I think its cool that you guys just made it there. To all the victims and deceased (may they rest in peace) and may the music inspire or bring feelings of joy to do or create something good or positive. Bain was a pretty bad ass dude in the movie. Great Job and well done to cast, directors, producers, crew, writers, agents, agencies, and all that made this movie happen. Done. enjoy. The second video is a voice reenactment that I thought was cool found on youtube.

Creative Play with sound & Theme Music

Playing around with sounds and then started to play with old tv show theme music and then ummm..thats it. No more. Lol. Making cartoons now so kind of busy. Getting better at having do what I want so we shall see. Ah thats all folks. I almost forgot shoutouts to KrioOfficial heard his music via youtube and remixed it a little. Enjoy, plus who can forget our buddy Mr. David Hasselhoff the ladies heart throb and milf sensation. Plus Rerun and the LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Boat. Ok, so alot of memory lane trips here. Enjoy and have fun making um chocolate chip cookies? WTF? Weirdddddoooooo…yah I know.

Nice nice, Looking forward to seeing the movie Now!

I wonder why, I wanna see the movie now. LOL. Nooooooo. But does bring back memories of being a kid and seeing the same scene with Arnold in the first movie. That’s all. Good night. Sleep safe and dont let the bed bugs bite. Lol. She said she was mad because of all the attention. Then why did you play the role?

More Remixes and Erotic Remixes by DJ Electramorhipism

Made a remix/mashup to Tupac’s whats your phone number and 8675309 (Jenny) by Tommy Tutone and a remix by a new upcoming artist named Rami Odaini¬†called Were Back. That’s it. Ha Ha. Lol. Done. More cartoons coming, just havent got them the way I want yet. Thanks again. Later. May this music inspire you to come up with something newer and better. Thank You.

Touchdown Touchdown Cartoon Remix by VJ Electramorhipism

Made the cartoon idea that I had in my head to Lil B’s Swag Jerry Rice. That’s it.