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Social Musings 101: The Elevator

So in this posting I want to muse about the elevator. According to (Wikipedia) some of the first elevators were in the monasteries of Egypt and in Rome. So the elevator has gone through many developments from hand cranked pulleys to electric powered ones. Can you imagine (if you will)….well wait. First have you ever worked in a high rise building? So most high rise building have around 60-80 floors. So without an elevator everyday you would have to have on a pair of running shoes or jogging shoes and a change of clothes because once you made it to the top you would need to change out. People would dread going to work and only the most fit people would work in high rise buildings. That would probably even change the architecture and design of buildings in society. As these types of buildings wouldn’t be built because companies would cease to put offices in locations that didn’t attract the top talent. But that didn’t happen. As a result of the elevator several different professions have jobs, from window washers, to building and safety, to elevator mechanics, to engineers. So this posting is just saying thank you to all the people who had a hand in perfecting and crafting the elevator into what it is today. You can read more about the invention of the elevator by clicking the link.

The history of the elevator